A Tribute to the Class of 62

By Al Munns - Class of 62

Friendship and loyalty to Ragsdale High and its long serving principal Dr. Kathy Rogers motivated Al Munns to read the names of Ragsdale's graduating seniors at four of the last five graduation ceremonies.

This past spring, Al specifically asked to be able to do it again this year as a tribute to his own graduation 50 years ago.

However, he asked that he be allowed to write his own introduction...and that introduction follows below.

Al is sure it probably means more to members of the class of 1962 than it did to the class of 2012!

Introduction of Al Munns

Read at Ragsdale High School's Graduation Ceremonies

May 2012

"In early September, 1959, Al Munns walked through the doors of Guilford County's newest high school: Lucy Coffin Ragsdale High, as a know-it-all 15 year old sophomore.

A mere three years later he was a proud part of Ragsdale's 130 member graduating class of 1962. Those three years at Ragsdale prepared him for the additional seven years he spent at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill, but if he ever discovers a working time machine, it would be the Ragsdale years and his unforgettable classmates he would revisit.

He asked to read the names of the 290 graduating seniors this year as a reminder that even 50 years after his graduation, he has not fully repaid the debt of gratitude he owes to Ragsdale High and what it has stood for during its first 53 years of operation.

His fondest wish is that this year's graduates will hold the same proud memories of Ragsdale and the friendships formed there that he does--even 50 years from now, when working time machines will be readily available...."