Senior Trip

By Al Munns

Have you ever wished that you could have stayed 18 forever? Isn't there just a little bit of interest in what that "Groundhog Day" sort of loop would have been like playing continuously for all these years?

What parts of the tape would show the most wear and tear from being played over and over again? Would spring break 1962 and our trip to Washington and New York pop up automatically at least once a week to remind us of what new adventures were really like?

For this na´ve 18 year old, my big adventures had been limited to sneaking over to Greensboro on Saturday night to visit the Boar and Castle. It was therefore a major rush to stand in the parking lot and stare at the magic carpets that were about to carry us away (yes, you are REALLY na´ve when a 1960s era bus becomes a magic carpet!).

Strangely enough, I don't remember any specifics about what happened on those buses either going or coming, so anyone with details - the more incriminating the better - please feel free to contact me!

I do remember the excitement over gathering on the steps of the Capitol for our class picture. I visited that exact spot just a couple of years later, but it wasn't the same. I remember our visit to the Washington Monument at a time when terrorist threats and earthquakes had not yet made it a scary place to be... and trying to jog up all the steps to the top of the monument seemed like a normal thing for an 18 year old to attempt.

The memories of New York City are slightly more numerous. The view from the top of the Empire State Building; the signs in the window near our hotel advertising a t-bone steak dinner for just a couple of bucks; my first subway ride on the way to Yankee Stadium for my first major league baseball game; and of course my encounter with a hooker in the lobby of our hotel!

Since I am now way past the point of being embarrassed by ANYTHING, I can fill in some of the details for your edification and entertainment! I was hanging out in the lobby, taking in the strange new sights of the big city when I first noticed her. She looked to be about 25, tall (I'm talking Suzanne Modlin tall), hair the color of honey, and wearing the darkest lipstick I had ever seen. I was pretty sure she had not arrived at our hotel on a bus.

At one point I mentally noted that with her lovely dancer's legs she would have fit right in with our lovely ladies from the Bali Hai number the previous spring at our junior/senior prom production.

It soon became obvious she was watching me as intently as I was watching her. She finally approached and asked me if I was having a good time in NYC... then asked what I liked to do for a good time... then asked whether I wanted to have a good time with her! Unfortunately she then announced what the price tag for aforementioned good time would be! I tried to bargain her down go a price per second rate, but she just laughed and told me I was cute.

She was still smiling when I walked out into the street and headed towards Times Square. I hadn't walked far before I began wondering exactly what I could buy for $50 back in Jamestown.