The World According to Doris

by Paulette Weaver Purgason

I could never say no to Doris. She was my Doris Day, blonde, cute, perky, adorable when she teased and cajoled one to her way.

Now, Doris was a busy gal. Boss cheerleader, big on Al Munns, always running around papers flying just off the (purple hued hand pumped, not a linotype--come on class, name that device we used instead of a copier to make copies of a master document) and wearing that blue and white cheer leading skirt just like on that famous television show, Glee.

Life was good for our number one cheerleader. But unlike Glee's cheering star, our cheerful star, Doris was not having babies while in school.

What she was was forgetful. During typing class she came after me for help. I was an officer in the spirit club and yours truly still owed Doris a favor for solving the tweezing of my then shelf eyebrows. So twinkling Doris asked me to go to page 68 -75 in her Gregg's shorthand book and copy the calligraphy like symbols she said.

Of course she asked the school's best cursive writer who did just what she asked --in the hallway.

I did not need a pass, Doris' blue and white skirt gave her entry and a pass forever!

Oh. Yeah, Doris got an A in shorthand. Paulette got an F in typing for not finishing her exam.

That action brought her average from a B Minus to a "C" and Coach Klosterman cut her from the cheer leading squad she had just made with Doris' overnight practicing so much so that Doris' mother was fit to be tied.

Don't be sorry, Coach"K" put her on the track and field team. She lettered early...getting a "J." Other Ragsdale athletes had the coveted new "R."

October 24, 2012
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