We Rode the Same School Bus

by Paulette Weaver Purgason

Freckles, a bashful grin always forming, brown pants and a topper to be.

I'm not the most observant person, admittedly, but I knew this guy was going to amount to something. Was I wrong? Nope.

I mean have you ever known anyone by the name of Wayne that was a ne'er do well? John Wayne? Ronald Wayne Reagan, Wayne Newton, Wayne Jacobs.

I mean there you go. Even Ronald Reagan wore that famous Chocolate Brown suit. Our Wayne beat President Reagan by years. Wayne was wearing brown pants, long ones, preparing for the day when he would finish off his ensemble with a topper.

Well a topper for Wayne was the day he met Kathi...the true topper was the day he married her.

Or was it the night of their wedding?

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